The majority of mattress businesses are setup to revolve around 3 main things; the sale, the sales person's commission, and a vendor's agenda. That means they put mattresses in their stores that are the easiest and quickest for them to sell and that give them the highest commission along with the best, backend kick-backs from the supplier.   

So, to sum that up, they're going to lead you to a mattress that's best for THEM, not you. In the words of Jimmy Fallon... EW!

This is why the mattress shopping experience has always been compared to buying a used car — a process most people dread. Rest assured, this will never be the case at Real Deal Sleep. Our entire process and your experience from start to finish, will ALWAYS revolve around ONE main thing.... YOU! 

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Not only do we have the most passionate, non-commissioned sleep consultants you will ever meet in the most comfortable, zero pressure atmosphere you have every seen but we also have THE best product to back it up. 
Not just in our expert opinion, but the best in history based on 15 years of beta testing and feedback from our own customers!

The best Innersprings, best Hybrids, best Memory Foams AND the best and highest rated Natural Latex Mattress line in the entire industry!  

The end result of our very unique and one of a kind business model and approach? We match you up with the perfect mattress that's right for YOU and your sleep needs every single time! 

Welcome to the ONLY Real Deal in the mattress industry! 

Eastern King 14" King Koil Eve ultra plush pillowtop Floor model

Was 4,999
Now 1950

Queen 14" Jacklin hybrid mattress Floor Model

Was 2497
Now 950

Queen 11" Wellsville Latex hybrid Floor mode

Was 2,499
Now 950