Here's the Deal on Local San Diego Delivery

Not only are we the highest-rated mattress store in San Diego, but we also have the highest-rated delivery service to go along with it. This is where most businesses fall off, not us. We only offer white glove delivery in San Diego - which includes delivery, setup and mattress disposal. Free delivery is not available in San Diego. Please see rates below.
The best and most important part of delivery is our communication — from the time of purchase until your product is safely in your home. 
We'll contact you the day before delivery with your 4-hour delivery window for the next day and then, our guys will give you a courtesy call about 20-30 minutes away from your home. 
That way, you don't have to sit at home waiting the whole time like most delivery companies make you do. Just do your thing and know you've got 30 min to get home once they call you. How's that for convenience?
Is a 5-star service like this free? Of course not - the caliber of our delivery squad is way too high! "Full White Glove," means we're not only going to set up your mattress, frame, box-spring and/or adjustable bed, but we're also going to remove all packaging, plastic, cardboard, etc. and take it with us when we're finished. We'll even dispose of your current mattress as well, if you need us to.
We even specialize in sleep system setups inside existing bed frames, which is no easy task. There's no scenario our guys haven't seen or handled, so we can fit any adjustable bed inside any existing bed frame. We don't call our guys the delivery magicians for nothin’!
The rates for this unparalleled, impeccable service are as follows:
Mattress only or with box spring and metal frame:
Twin/Full -$99
Queen/King -$99

Sleep System(adjustable base with mattress/s)

Twin/Full -$199
Queen -$199

King/California King-$199
Your 4-hour delivery window will be based on where you live in relation to the other deliveries on the schedule for that day. We'll do our best to accommodate special time requests: however, there is no guarantee. Please note that we do not deliver before 10 AM and we cannot give you a shorter window than 4 hours.

In many cases, if your mattress is in stock at the time of purchase and it's early enough in the day, we'll be able to do same day delivery. Worst case scenario, we can deliver to you next day (unless it's Sunday Funday, the day we're closed and chilling with our families. ;-) 
If purchasing on a Saturday then next day deliveries will go out either Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Always remember, you have the option to pick up your items at our local San Diego warehouse for free, as well. Just make sure you bring your own straps, rope or tie downs and your tying-securing ability/game is strong as we are unable to provide those or assist you with it due to liability reasons.  
Prices may vary based on the following scenarios:
-Your home is more than 20 miles from our distribution center (Kearny Mesa)
-Your bedroom is upstairs
-You live in a high rise and there's stairs or an elevator involved
-Your adjustable bed/sleep system is going inside an existing bed frame
-More than one mattress or sleep system is being delivered
-Multiple deliveries from one house to another 
-If our delivery company is required to get extra insurance for your development
-If you require anything other than a mattress, box spring and metal frame to be removed
Even though our delivery company is the best in the biz, please know it's impossible to be perfect. Things out of our control can and will happen along the way that may cause delays.  
In the very rare case we're running behind and we think we may miss your delivery window, you will receive a call or a text as soon as possible from us or our delivery company to let you know. Please don't freak out on us, we are doing our absolute best I assure you! 
Our theory is that our work begins once the purchase is made so our goal is to make sure your amazing experience on the front end is just as great on the back end.   

Here's the Deal on Nationwide Delivery

Free nationwide shipping is only available on our Bed in a Box mattresses as well as our Accessories. It's drop ship only to your door step and the details are listed below. Keep in mind, you can go with the free drop ship option if you live in San Diego; however, the lead time to get your mattress will be longer and you'll have to set it up yourself when it arrives. Almost all of our San Diego customers choose our White Glove Delivery option locally as it's much quicker and way more thorough. Why work when you don't have to, right? ;-) 

• Our Bed in a box nationwide drop ship average shipping time is 7-14 business days to your home from the time of order, depending on where you live in the country. Our beds ship out of California and Arizona, so the closer you are to those areas, the faster you can expect it to arrive.  

• Drop ship delivery includes the freight company dropping the box/mattress/s at your door step. 
• You will be required to bring it inside and then do minor assembly which includes unpacking the box and cutting open plastic, then placing it on your platform bed, box spring or adjustable base. (instructions come in the box and it's a very simple process, doable with only one person; however, certainly easiest if done with two people (especially the lifting part!).

• Once unpacked, it may have a "new smell". If so, then give it at least a few hours to air out with the windows open. Some of our beds will have no smell, some a tiny a bit and others may have a moderate amount. 
 All of our BIB mattresses are USA made and all foams are CertiPur-US qualified so we can tell you with confidence that our beds will have a lot less smell than any of the imported counterparts being sold by other companies online right now. 

• Keep in mind, your mattress is being shipped compressed and vacuum sealed to about 2 inches thick for easy transport, so once your mattress has been opened up and unpackaged you can expect the corners to be a bit rounded or still compressed a bit. This is totally normal and will expand to normal size and thickness within a few days, sometimes same night. If it doesn't even out or square off within a few weeks, then please contact us. Regardless, it's just fine to sleep on your new mattress the first night. 

FYI- Our Jocelyn Pillow Top will always look a bit wavy and uneven, but that will not effect the overall performance and feel of it, nor the warranty. It is one, super plush and comfy mattress, though.  
• Sometimes boxes show up with some freight "war scars". Please notate severe ones on the packing slip. Don't worry though, it's VERY rare that anything ever reaches the mattress itself because it's packed tight and vacuum sealed in a couple different layers of thick plastic.

• Please know that we do EVERYTHING within our power when it comes to making sure everything goes smoothly with your purchase from the time you visit the site until the product is safely in your home. Keep in mind though, we have a lot less control when it comes to nationwide shipping so things can and will go wrong from time to time. If you're one of the "lucky winners" when it does, ;-) just know that we will rectify the situation as fast as humanly possible so no need to freak out. LOL. Don't worry, we gotchu! Just send us a message through our site and we'll get on it right away!

• Our contact hours are Mon-Sat 10 AM-6 PM PST, and Sunday Funday we are closed.
• If you have any questions concerning Delivery or anything else on our site, don't hesitate to contact us directly via text on our red chat bubble. If you reach us outside of normal operating hours then we will be responding within 60 min of opening up the next day. Again, no need to freak out, we will be on top of it once the bell rings!  
For questions, more information or to place your order please call 1-858-256-0068.
Thanks again for visiting. Welcome to the ONLY Real Deal in the mattress industry!