Latex Mattresses

There are two things one needs to achieve with a good mattress in order to have the best chance of getting great sleep and maximize the repair process of the human body— pressure relief and support.

There is no mattress type or technology in the industry that will give you more of those two crucial components in one, than a high quality ALL latex mattress.  At Real Deal Sleep we are famous for giving our customers THE best options in each technology and that's especially true with our natural latex line from Posh and Lavish. From top to bottom, it's the highest rated latex mattress in the entire industry, bar none!  Are there cheaper latex beds out there? Of course, but they're just that... cheaper made and cheaper quality. Don't be fooled by all the fancy buzz words that other companies will use to make you think otherwise. 

Not only is our Posh and Lavish Latex the most pressure relieving and supportive mattress you'll ever experience, but they're also the longest lasting and extremely comfortable, checking all the boxes when it comes to taking your sleep to the highest level. We've very aptly dubbed them "The Game Changers"!

A true testament to their quality and overall performance is that the owner himself and his entire family sleep on one, even his kids. Welcome to the Real Deal of Latex!