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"The Posh and Lavish Reawaken Ultra plush latex pillow top provides an incredible level of softness, while the underlying support keeps my body perfectly aligned. It's like sleeping on a luxurious cloud that hugs you gently throughout the night. JD's recommendation? Don't dream about it, sleep on it!"
— Miguel M.

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Janel M.

"I never would have believed that mattress shopping could be a fun and fast experience! JD was quick to respond to my questions and extremely helpful in not only finding exactly what I wanted, but keeping me in my price range AND getting me a same day delivery! Really no pressure at all. I'll definitely return here for all future mattress purchases".

Jonathan S.

"THE BEST mattress and sleep system store in the country! The owner JD is an amazing man of honesty and integrity. Look no further than this store. You will not regret it!!"

Cynthia C.

"JD helped me get my bed delivered the Saturday before I had my double mastectomy. Our adjustable split king is a total game changer. A lot of money...but an investment to finally getting a good night's sleep. When your spouse gets into bed or moves, you don't feel it or get jolted! No tossing or turning for me...I wake up in the same position I fell asleep!"