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Everything about Real Deal Sleep revolves around one main thing, FAMILY. That's why I've named this amazing hybrid model after the little lady who's the most near and dear to my heart, my daughter Jacklin. 

Here’s the Deal
We've been selling this model in our local brick and mortar showrooms for the past two years before unveiling it online so here's the Real info on it. We designed the Jacklin Hybrid with a softer transitional micro coil layer on top of a firmer individually wrapped coil base, so as to make sure couples that might like different firmness levels will both be happy with the overall support, pressure relief and comfort of this superb mattress. Our customers agree.

The bottom line is this, the Jacklin is the best bet you can make when buying one of our Bed in a Box mattresses, without trying it first. It's easily the coolest, most supportive and longest lasting mattress in the line. There's a reason it's more expensive than our other Bed in a Box choices… because you get what you pay for and the Jacklin is the best of them!

Here are the Features for our Jacklin LF Hybrid

Quilted Tencel Fabric 
Breathes and wicks away moisture to create a comfortable, cool, dry and rejuvenating sleep surface. 

Cool Bounce Copper Gel
Ventilated memory foam layer infused with copper gel provides thermal conductivity, actively moving heat away from the body. 

Over 2,000 Individually wrapped coils, including a transitional Micro coil layer, allows for conformability to the natural curves of your body while also providing amazing support and spinal alignment. The high coil count also makes it so you feel less motion transfer as you and your significant other move throughout the night.

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