As a Veteran Family owned and operated Sleep center, our number one focus is YOU, your sleep needs and overall health and well being, not the sale, a commission or a vendors agenda like all the other mattress stores out there.  
The bedding industry has never been in more disarray and shopping for a mattress has never been more confusing than it is right now. That's saying ALOT because mattress shopping has always had a negative stigma attached to it and has even been compared to buying a used car, something most people dread.  This is a shame and something that couldn't bother us more at Real Deal Sleep because a mattress is arguably the most important and special purchase one can make. The 3rd of your life you spend on it dictates the other two-thirds of your life. If you're not sleeping well then you are not living well, it's that simple. 
Our goal since the day we started our company out of a storage unit and our garage 17 years ago with an ad in the penny saver was to serve others and impact lives in a positive way while changing the way it's done. We went against every norm when it comes to setting up our mattress business model and overall atmosphere and culture.  
Why can't the mattress buying experience be a fun, pleasurable one where you know you can trust the company and people you're doing business with??? Don't worry, it can be and IS at Real Deal Sleep! 
Yes, others will claim this same thing however at Real Deal, we've proven it! How do we know?? Because countless of our REAL customers are saying the same thing. We are very proud to be the highest-rated individual mattress store on Yelp in the country and the first to reach over 700 active reviews with an overall 5-star rating!⁠
All of that said, we are the ONLY mattress store and sleep center that will encourage you to shop around. All we ask is that you come visit us before you make your final buying decision so we can show you how we do it. You will never meet a more passionate, more committed group of amazing individuals who's main goal is to help you get to the next level via sleep! 
Thanks for visiting, our family looks forward to meeting and serving you. 
-The Real Deal Team 

Eastern King 14" King Koil Eve ultra plush pillowtop Floor model

Was 4,999
Now 1950

Queen 14" Jacklin hybrid mattress Floor Model

Was 2497
Now 950

Queen 11" Wellsville Latex hybrid Floor mode

Was 2,499
Now 950