The legend of the
Sleep Whisperer

Why the Sleep Whisperer?

Real Deal Sleep was developed by JD, AKA world renowned "Sleep Whisperer", to fill a hole in the mattress industry. JD realized that the standard commission-based industry of selling mattresses was built upon the unethical backs of mattress salesmen driven by a vendor's commission and determined to add high pressure tactics to the experience and get a quick sale. JD quickly saw through that and actually saw that it prevented people from buying the best mattress for them and their families. Ultimately, this process doesn't bode well for the customer and results in a ridiculously high return rate.

Thus, the Sleep Whisperer was born. A figure that JD embodied to dispel any myths of the industry and go head to head with an industry of commission-based salesmen and vendor’s agendas. JD had found his passion: to encourage others to lead a lifestyle that falls in line with true health and wellness.

Every customer that walks into our award winning showroom goes through a thorough process of due diligence and proper mattress fitting. Real Deal Sleep is proud to stand behind our products and help our clients get through to a successful mattress 99% of the time. That's the way we have done business since day 1, over 17 years ago, and thats why we are the number 1 ranked mattress store in the country.

The Sleep Whisperer is a movement of changing the mattress industry's focus from sales to the customer's needs. You will never meet a more passionate, committed person whose mission in life is to help YOU get to the next level via SLEEP!

Mattress Industry Issue

DID YOU KNOW? The majority of mattress businesses are set up to revolve around 3 main things: the sale, the sales person's commission, and a vendor's agenda.

The mattress industry targets customers by pressuring and negotiating with horrible customer service to sell their products on a commission-based sale. Considering the hundreds of online mattress, AKA "Bed in a Box" companies and they're ALL saying the exact same thing, "One size fits all.” “We're the best.” "Free” returns. “Free” trial. “Free” delivery... blah, blah, BLAH!

This is why the mattress shopping experience has always been compared to buying a used car — a process most people dread. 

Real Deal Sleep Mission

As a Veteran Family owned and operated Sleep center, our number one focus is YOU, not the sale, a commission, or a vendor's agenda like all the other mattress stores out there.

JD is a sleep expert who's dedicated most of his life to helping people experience true rest and revolutionizing their physical and mental health in ways one wouldn't think possible from a simple change in mattress. He  brings an extremely high level of knowledge to the mattress industry that allows him to create an unprecedented sleep experience for his customers. When you choose Real Deal Sleep, you're choosing to change your life for the better.

Our goal since the day we started our company was to serve others and positively impact lives while changing the way it's done. We tell it to you straight and we don't blow smoke, hence the name, Real Deal. 

The Sleep Whisperer's humble beginnings

Growing up, JD had no real knowledge of the importance of sleep. If anything, it was considered a badge of honor to sleep as little as possible. Sacrificing sleep for the sake of productivity and leading an entrepreneur lifestyle was seen as part of the “norm.”

From working on an aircraft carrier to then immediately joining the nightclub industry, JD’s work usually ended around 4 a.m. Unfortunately, insomnia had become a regular part of his life, which would end up leaving him so tired that he would shift into overdrive mode, which allowed his body to produce excessive energy in short bursts.

Luckily for him, he met his beautiful partner in crime, Rachel! With her help, JD realized the importance of sleep, exercise and overall health. He spent the next 20 years studying people, sleep and the relationship between them. After developing the perfect sleep experience and changing lives for thousands of people, JD had reached a new level of sleep understanding and became the sleep whisperer, changing lives and dirty sheets. 

If you're ready for
the best sleep of your life,
give JD, our Sleep Whisperer,
a call at (858) 256-0068
or text (858) 295-7978

If you're ready for the best sleep of your life,
give JD, our Sleep Whisperer, a call at (858) 256-0068
or text him (858) 295-7978

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One size doesn't fit all 

Come visit us for a no pressure one-on-one mattress buying experience where we get to know what kind of sleeper you are, listen to all your concerns, and find the perfect custom sleeping solution FOR YOU. Our family wants to meet yours.

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Having the lowest return rate and highest customer satisfaction in the industry is earned, not given. Don't trust your sleep to anyone except our knowledgable and passionate sleep specialists. 

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