The legend of the
Sleep Whisperer

Who is the Sleep Whisperer?

Growing up, JD had no real knowledge on the importance of sleep. If anything, it was considered a badge of honor to sleep as little as possible. Sacrificing sleep for the sake of productivity and leading an entrepreneur lifestyle was seen as part of the “norm.”

From working on an aircraft carrier to then joining the nightclub industry, JD’s work usually ended around 4 a.m. Unfortunately, insomnia had become a regular part of his life. JD would be so tired that he would shift into overdrive mode, which allowed his body to produce excessive energy in short bursts. This served as the fuel he needed in order to keep this unbalanced lifestyle going.

Luckily for him, he met the right person at the right time, his beautiful partner in crime, Rachel!

The Sleep Whisperer is Born

An acquaintance of JD’s shared how they was selling mattresses out of a storage unit. JD decided he would do the same, and the rest is history.

What started out as a business prospect and desire for change, quickly turned into a passion for sleep and wellness on all levels. JD searched high and low for the best mattresses and sleep products available. 

Word spread and the San Diego community began to turn to JD for all of their sleep needs. Twenty years later, JD has become an encyclopedia for everything sleep related. He is now known as The Sleep Whisperer.

JD had found his passion: to encourage others to lead a lifestyle that falls in line with true health and wellness. In due time, his storage unit was replaced with a showroom that emanates his love for creating healthy and uplifting environments. By offering amazing products and leading through example, he’s been able to achieve his ultimate goal:

To change the lives of many, for the better.

Where is the Sleep Whisperer Now?

JD roams the showroom at Real Deal Sleep in San Diego. He waits for the people bearing dark eye circles, the insomniacs, the physically distressed, the hopeless, the dreamers whose dreams are fading out, the doers who simply can’t do anymore. His desire to help others drastically transform their lives in the way he has, never fades. It simply grows.

Don’t believe us?

Visit Real Deal Sleep on Yelp to read the 600-plus testimonials. People just like you. People barely getting by day by day and struggling with the aching feeling that better exists.

The Sleep Whisperer wants you to know, “You’re damn right!” And the day you visit Real Deal Sleep is the day you’ll experience it for yourself. 

If you're ready for
the best sleep of your life,
give JD, our Sleep Whisperer,
a call at (858) 256-0068
or text (858) 295-7978

If you're ready for the best sleep of your life,
give JD, our Sleep Whisperer, a call at (858) 256-0068
or text him (858) 295-7978

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