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We visited Real Deal Sleep in late Fall 2019. After listening to our health issues related to fibromyalgia and arthritis and how much we dreaded going to bed every night because inevitably we'd wake the next morning stiff, in pain and tired, JD and Joe had us lay down on a couple of different beds. My better half actually fell asleep in the store on the split king Posh and Lavish Natural Latex Mattress with Malouf Real Deal Elite S755 adjustable base. It was that comfortable!

Fast forward to late April 2020, we decided now, in the midst of COVID-19, was the time to finally purchase a new sleep system. We reached out to the store and worked with JD himself over multiple text messages to get our new sleep system. That day back in late Fall when we visited the store, they had taken notes and so knew exactly which system we wanted. We were able to stay at home and the entire transaction, except providing our credit card information over the phone, was handled via text.

JD was flexible in our delivery and was able to accommodate our schedule. The day of delivery, two men came with gloves and face masks. They made quick work of removing our old mattress and setting up the new sleep system. We couldn't wait to go to bed that night and it turned out to be one of the best and most restful nights sleep we had in quite awhile.

Thank you JD and the entire Real Deal Sleep team!!

Barb G.
San Diego, CA

We found Real Deal Sleep through Google and made an appointment through the website. The owner JD was available to meet us the same day. Due to COVID-19, all shopping was done by appointment so we had the store to ourselves. JD was respectful of our space and we were all wearing masks.

We've always dreaded mattress shopping. It is a very tiring task and you just don't feel like you are going to get someone who knows what they are talking about. Believe me, JD knows his business. He asked so many questions on our comfort, how we sleep and so on, he zeroed in on a couple of nice mattresses.

My husband and I decided to go with a split California king. That way we can each have our own firmness.

JD showed us pure latex mattresses made by Posh+Lavish. I wanted an ultra-plush and my husband wanted a little firmer. We never considered a pure latex mattress. All of our past mattresses have been good names, Airloom, Chattam and Wells, Tempur-Pedic. This Posh+Lavish was amazing from the first try. It felt like nothing else that we have tried. With the inner-spring, we just could not find one that felt good; memory foam we could not move around, felt you were locked in one spot. With the latex, it has the support, cushion and feel we wanted. Between the base mattress options and the toppers, JD had lots of configurations for us to try. We tried several types until we got it just right.

In addition to the mattresses, we ordered Malouf S755 adjustable bases, something that we have been wanting for a long time.

After leaving the store, my husband said that this was the first time he felt good about shopping and buying a new mattress. It was a comfortable experience for us both.

The order took a few weeks to produce the mattresses and deliver. The delivery was ahead of schedule by a several days. JD texted me with a window for delivery and install.

The installers wore shoe covers and masks. They set up the adjustable bases and the beds, showed us how to use the remotes and cleaned up after themselves. They were professional and courteous at all times even though these COVID-19 ridden times.

After a few days, JD texted us to find out how we felt about the beds. That is customer service.

We would highly recommend Real Deal Sleep, and especially JD and his great knowledge helpfulness. The website has a really helpful "Mattress Education" area, it was really helpful.

Thank you, JD, for all your help in our comfort!
Tony & Ray

Tony U.
San Diego, CA

Man, let me just say how awesome of an experience it was working with JD.

I've never met someone who cares more than he does about making sure people are sleeping great.
From beginning to end, JD and his staff showed us and let us test the beds and really take our time to make sure we had the right fit.

He has all sorts of beds but I highly recommend the big daddy sleep system! It's freakin awesome! We bought-Posh and Lavish natural latex Zero Gravity Sleep system with Adjustable base and massage. I literally turn it on the massage function almost every night. I use the zero gravity function and man, is that awesome! You feel like you're floating!

I might move my TV into my bedroom just to get extra time in the bed!! I'm a reader too so it's awesome to be able to adjust the bed to read and put it back down when I'm ready to sleep.

My boyfriend side is 100% adjustable for him and what he likes. It's just been an awesome experience all around from beginning to end working with this company and I highly recommend spending the extra money, and getting a Baller ass bed! You deserve it!

Jessie W.
Medford, MA

Katie and I bought a factory 2nd bed back in 2013 for like $300... it went through 3 moves, 2 kids, my weight gain  and being stored through deployments. It sagged, was very soft and with my back issues I haven't been able to sleep through the night on it in years plus used 7 pillows to get me in the right position. The man in the first pic is JD DeHart (@real_deal_jd), Navy vet and owner of Real Deal Sleep (@realdealsleep) in San Diego, and he has changed my life, instantly, for the better. My old training partner and friend Adam (@meathead_adam) sent me his way to check out some new beds and we ended up walking out with "The Big Juicy" ordered. It's a 5 part adjustable base and a latex, Easter split King "Luxury Plus" mattress. It well exceeded our budget but he helped us out and it wouldn't be in my house without my mother blessing us well beyond anything expected.

It got delivered and installed Saturday mid day and I decided to try out a nap... and woke up 3 hours later, PAIN FREE FROM SLEEP! I actually cried... the bed has the ability to provide lumbar adjustment support and neck tilt to get me in a 0 stress position for my back.
After 3 FULL nights of UNINTERRUPTED sleep in this bed, I was able to go for a full neighborhood walk today. JD didn't try to sell us anything when we walked in the door, he just matched us perfectly with our needs. Even Katie who deals with significant C and T spine issues has noticed overnight improvement in sleep comfort. I'm still a long way from 100%, but this purchase is truly a Godsend and help towards getting me there. So thank you JD, and thank you Mom, you two are truly answered prayers  
BTW for my friends and family across the country, he ships nationally  and the price I walked out the door with, plus warranty, beat anything we searched for. NOW, time for a nap
Specifics: Posh and Lavish Natural Latex Sleep System with Zero Gravity Adjustable base including massage feature!

Sidney L.
Oceanside, CA

I can't say enough good things about Real Deal Sleep and our new mattress. We were the lucky winners of the Real Deal Sleep-Posh and Lavish natural Latex Sleep System with Zero Gravity Adjustable power base that Real Deal Sleep (JD DeHart) graciously donated towards our elementary schools annual Spring Auction.

The mattress has honestly been life changing. I have suffered from lower back pain for many years and never thought a mattress would change that. Since we've had our mattress, that pain has been non existent. The zero gravity system did take some getting used to, but once you start sleeping in it, nothing else will compare.

When we are away on trips, we can't wait to get home to sleep in our own bed, it is sooooo comfortable. Our experience with Real Deal Sleep was incredible. Their customer service is amazing and you will be treated like family from the moment you walk into their showroom. If you are in the market for a mattress, Real Deal Sleep is the place to go!

Kelly D.
San Diego, CA

If you want something average or just ok and like being pressured then go somewhere else. If you want the best quality product, service and experience then go to Real Deal Sleep, it's that simple!!! JD and the Crew were so patient with Us as they fully educated us on all the features and benefits of each mattress and we never felt pressured In anyway. We ended up getting one of their "game changers", a Split-Dual operated Posh and Lavish Natural Latex Sleep System-adjustable bed with Zero Gravity, lumbar support, pillow tilt AND massage!!

We had NO idea something like this even existed and we were definitely skeptical because it wasn't cheap haha! BUT, this has been life changing for us and worth every single penny and more!! We even got their Bamboo and Tencel sheets, Blu Sleep pillows,  and a mattress protector, ALL of which have cooling materials in them!

My wife always slept hot but with the new setup she's cool as a cucumber now and sooo excited about it!! And you know the saying, happy wife happy life!! ;-)  Thank you again Real Deal Sleep for taking our sleep and marriage to a whole new level!!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Tom B.
El Cajon, CA

We were looking for a new mattress and saw the excellent reviews of RDS on Yelp and decided to check it out.  Thank you Yelp for coming through again to guide us to a great store. It was a great experience from start to finish and we are very happy with our new bed.  

JD was fantastic as we tried out 4 different mattresses over a 2-3 hour period.  

He was patient and asked a lot of good questions, listened to our answers, and guided us to a great option for us.  He was not pushy in any way.

We had looked at Sleep Number mattresses in the past but came away feeling that RDS had a number of options that were better.  We are both active and have some minor lower back and shoulder issues and JD guided us to a perfect bed.  

We ended up with the Posh and Lush Latex with an adjustable base and have had the best night sleep in years.  We could not be happier!

Delivery and installation went great and the whole process was very straightforward and enjoyable.    

Thanks so much to JD and his team!

David N.
San Diego, CA

Hello All, I waited two months before posting this review as I wanted to be real sure the latex adjustable bed I bought, that JD said "in just one night you'll feel great", continued to give the results it actually gave me the first night! And guess what - it most certainly has and every night has been nearly perfect.

Let me tell you my story and the quite serious medical reason I had for needing a new bed, and what JD and his team went way out of their way to help finally resolve. You see, two years ago when I was 65, I was crushed by an 1,851 pound steel object. I had 39 bones broken, crushed the vertebrae in my back in nine places and ruptured all the disks in that region, broke my neck, broke all my ribs, my arms and legs, and punctured both lungs and my bladder.

Well, the trauma team at Scripps put this Humpty Dumpty back together again with two 16 inch rods, crossbars, and screws and fused my back from Thoracic 10 down to Lumbar 5. An eight level fusion and I am still doing rehabilitation to recover. As you can see, finding the right mattress was kind of a critical factor for me. I hunted around all the mattress stores near the pyramid and in La Jolla but couldn't find someone who knew their job and their products; I finally walked into Real Deal Mattress.

Well the team at Real Deal immediately grasped the seriousness of the medical issue, and they professionally and expeditiously outfitted me with the right bed. These guys are well trained, competent, patient, friendly and down to earth.

The outfitting took the better part of two days. Installation went flawless and the sheets and mattress covers are top notch. My wife said " JD hit it out of the park on the sheets". The Pure  Talalay Bliss  latex mattress with Posh and Lavish topper did the job. He sells a couple of brands of latex, I mixed it up. I cannot praise them enough for being skilled and informed, something I did not get at any of the other stores. As a Doctor and professional myself I fully recommend JD and his team based on their competency, professionalism and education, and skill and experience concerning mattresses and sleep systems. Truly a different experience. Love the red sneakers!

Allan P.
San Diego, CA

I highly  recommend Real Deal Sleep when you purchase a Mattress or sleep system. My husband and I were on the market for a new mattress. We had the same mattress for nearly 20 years. When we began to shop we started at some of the other chain Mattress stores and Macy's. We were overwhelmed and didn't feel informed until we found Real Deal Sleep.  

We went to their store and were greeted by their friendly staff.  They were very educated and informative about different options for us. We then were greeted by the owner, JD.  He first asked us what our needs were as far as sleep and if we had any issues with back or neck. My husband has both. JD was very knowledgeable about what mattresses would be good for us. We were given different options and a complete demonstration of the advantages of each mattress and what would be a good fit for us. JD and his staff, Joe, Justin and Eric take their time with you and make sure you are getting a great sleep system.

We went from looking at a Beauty Rest Hybrid, which was very nice and then tried a Posh and Lavish all Latex Mattress. We went home to give it more thought. Two days later we came back and purchased the Posh And Lavish Mattress with Pillow top. It's so comfortable!

We ordered the Mattress and were so excited for delivery.  We had our Mattress set up on our home in less then a week!  The owner made sure we had everything we needed.

This is a family owned company and the service is excellent. They showcase beautiful quality mattresses and the whole experience was very positive.

Thank you so much. We are very happy and sleeping very well in our new Mattress

Sheri L.
San Diego, CA

So after I scoffed at JD when he told me the price of a king size split mattress Posh & Lavish Natural Latex vibrating NASA approved design by Elon Musk Sleep System.
I laid on the damn thing for about 20 minutes and I was absolutely shocked at how decompressed my spine felt when I was in the zero gravity position and then had my toast buttered with the vibrating massage unit as well. I'm talking I felt better than when I climb off the chiropractic table after an adjustment..
At that point I changed my thinking and realizing that legitimately we spend six to seven hours a day or 1/4-1/3 literally of our 24 hour days in our damn bed and my back is tight everyday when I get up. I've been on a lot of football fields and in plenty of gyms and my back reminds me of it...
I later went home and told my wife what I was thinking about and then she scoffed at me..

We were deciding on a purple mattress for under a thousand bucks before real deal and we didn't plan on cashing in our son's college fund to pay for this. The following morning we went together and laid on the mattress for 20 minutes together in zero gravity mode with massage on and at that point she got it. Next thing she asked was if we could afford it. We then looked at the first hundred plus dollar pillow that I ever paid for and I have to tell you I love that too! We bought 2 of them!

I now have got to a point where I really enjoy the zero gravity position as well as the vibration mode. I historically get out of bed pretty quickly in the a.m. before the sun rises and now I'm finding myself laying there with a vibration on in zero gravity just enjoying the way it makes my back feel and the relief that it offers. When I stand up first thing out of my bed, I'm not having to decompress my lower back like I normally do by stretching my lower back like I have for the last 30 years. I am very pleased with this setup so far and it really does seem like it's been a good investment for my wife and myself and my son likes it when we are not on it. JD did a fantastic job and anyone that knows him knows he is passionate about his product and he's well-informed. He is fair and he will work with you and for you. Good job to him and his team! He's a local small business that fights the fight everyday and usually ends up on The Winning Side! Thank you and good job
Real Deal.

Sean S.
San Diego, CA

I am not usually one for reviews, but I have to say by far this is the best place to purchase our bed. We were referred by a friend who also has purchased their bed through this company and worked with JD. Before going in we did our research, looked up reviews, which bed they had to offer/deals. We had an idea of what we thought we wanted, until we engaged with JD.

Going in he explained to us that he really wanted us to understand what comfort meant to us, which was nice to hear because a lot of people will try to sell you what's comfortable for them. He asked our preference, and the main reason we were looking for a bed in the first place which was space and comfort. So immediately he walked us over to a bed had us lay on it for a few moments and could read our body language that it wasn't for us, it was firm just a little too firm. So I voiced that I have a habit of sleeping on my hips, so I was really looking for comfort there and my husband also likes more of a pillow top feel. We told him we both work long days on our feet and would like something to help with our back, feet and hips to which he had us lay on what felt like HEAVEN.

We didn't walk in with intensions other then to leave with a mattress but once we laid on a King Posh & Lavish natural latex mattress with the Zero Gravity adjustments/massage it was over! He adjusted the bed where the weight was shifted off my lower back and hips by elevating my feet & the true cherry on top was when the massager turned on I knew immediately this was the one. This truly was such a easy experience, our voices were heard and all the requirements were met thanks to JD. Highly recommend it, especially if you have a significant other who snores just lift the head part up slightly and you both will sleep like babies.  

As you can tell from the pictures our two year old loves the bed just as much as we do, which helps for the nights she wants to crash in our bed now there is plenty of room and everyone gets a good night of sleep!

Christin W.
National City, CA

I'm not sure where to start. I'm a HUGE value based shopper who likes high value at a fair price.  Well, 1- year ago we moved and was in need of a new mattress because we upgraded to a King bed frame (YESSS) from a queen. I decided I would head over to Real Deal Sleep since I had heard many good things about them from good friends and the yelp reviews. Real Deal Sleep was the first place we began our shopping extravaganza. I loved everything about Real Deal Sleep and the team, especially JD the owner! Like I said, I had several friends who had used Real Deal Sleep and loved the experience. Welllllll that's all fine and dandy, however, I'm a VERY skeptical shopper and I really don't follow the crowd so-to-speak. So, of course I had to do my research and shop other mattress shops to really know first-hand what was out there and what it would cost me to get the kind of comfort I need and deserve. Anyways, hubby and I set out to find a mattress for our brand new home. In the meantime, my husband decided to order an online mattress in a box. I was not happy about this but I figured I'd play the nice wife and give it ago while looking for a REAL mattress. Seriously, dude? WTF? That bed in a box almost killed me.  The bed in a box was absolutely HORRIBLE, worse thing ever for my body. I dreaded bedtime every single night, and woke up with all sorts of pain. I literally had to hit the chiropractor twice a week. UGGGGGG! Lucky I didn't divorce him. LMAO! Anyways, we set out for the ultimate mattress at the ultimate price. WHAT A BUST! After hitting Macys, Ortho Mattress, Sleep Number, Mattress firm among a few, WE took ourselves right back to Real Deal Mattress. Why? First, I felt disgusted at the vibe in the other places. You know that icky used car lot feeling you get? Ummmm yup. I was so turned off by the product and the presentation and I certainly did not feel there was value nor any real consultation involved. Like I said, used car lot. GROSS. Needless to say, I had come full circle and was without a doubt excited to return to Real Deal Sleep.

Buying a mattress is a huge decision and not an inexpensive venture, especially for those of us who want to be excited to climb into bed because we value a good night's sleep and recognize that our quality of life (health) and livelihood depend on it.  So, the funny thing about me is just because I come back to a place, it doesn't mean I'm an easy meal ticket. HA HA! I have questions and lots of them. I'm definitely a ball buster but in a nice way. I really do pride myself on being an informed consumer. I was beyond pleased with the answers and consultation I received from JD, he really cares and strives to provide a custom solution. Hands down the best experience, price and product. I really sincerely appreciate everything Real Deal Sleep has to offer.  I have had my mattress for slightly over 1-year and let me tell you I can't wait to get in my bed every single night, it truly is amazing and perfect for me and my husband.  

OMG...... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my bed and I really do wish this for everyone. It's so important. I ask a lot of my body and so the nightly recharge is imperative. I'd be lying if I said that is the only time I get in my bed. LOL- I love to sit in my bed and read and cuddle the kids.  Great product, beautiful presentation, customer service, and a team that loves what they do and cares about providing REAL value and consultation to its customers. Hands-down, I'm a fan. I don't really make many recommendations but when I do you best believe I have been WOWED! Go see for yourself. Most importantly treat that body of yours well. Exercise daily, healthy fresh food, great company, and a damn good place to rest your head at night. You have no idea, I'm obsessed with my bed. I'm spoiled and I deserve it. mmmmmhmmmmmmmmm!

PS- I bought a Posh and Lavish natural latex mattress with zero gravity sleep system and adjustable base with massage. I love all the features, the massage, the light, the multiple positions you can adjust and custom settings you can store. Best part is, it looks really good in my Canopy from Crate and Barrel!

Ann B.
San Diego, CA

Bought a new Luxury Mattresses By Posh & Lavish and adjustable bed frame from Real Deal Mattress a few months ago.

Customer Service: EXCELLENT!

Variety of Mattresses: EXCELLENT!

Prices: VERY GOOD for HIGH-END Products.

We wanted a different Latex Topper as my Wife realized she wanted her side of our Cal King Split more firm. Let the guys know and BAM! They ordered it and exchanged the other ones right away.

CONCLUSION: Real Deal Mattresses is just what the name says "Real Deal" If you are looking for a new mattress, want custom one-on-one service, great selection and the best prices then you need to go by Real Deal Mattress!

The L.
San Diego, CA

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