Do you deliver?

YES we do!

Local San Diego:

We offer full White Glove Delivery with setup and mattress disposal if needed.


(Prices will go up a bit if you live further than 20 miles from our store, if you’re having multiple Mattresses delivered and/or if you live in a high rise or on a military base.

Sleep systems (mattress/s + adjustable base/s)

Ranges from $125-$199 depending on the size and if it’s going inside an existing bed frame or being delivered outside our 20 mile range and/or in a high rise building.

Nationwide (Outside of San Diego)

Free drop off delivery to your door step, no setup or removal included
(on all purchases over $100)

This only pertains to our Bed in a Box Mattresses and all accessories

Are all your mattresses available for nationwide delivery?

No. Only the ones listed in our “Bed in a Box” category as of right now. Click here for more info on Bed in a Box Delivery.

Are your Adjustable Bases available for nationwide delivery?

Not at the moment however several of our models will be by the end of October so if you're in the market for one please text us on our chat button for the exact ETA so we can start sizing one up for you. We do have white glove delivery available in San Diego on all of them though. 

Are all of your accessories available for nationwide delivery?

Yes and shipping is FREE on all purchases over $100!

What’s a hybrid?

It’s a combination of two different technologies. The most common one right now being some form of memory foam on top of coils. Other variations would be Latex on top of coils and latex on top of foam. Yes, there are a lot of traditional mattresses that have foam on top of coils that aren’t considered hybrid and that’s because they have tufting and the memory foam itself is not right on top of the mattress with an even loft design.

What’s the difference between a box spring and a foundation?

A box spring normally has steel and the foundation has wood only. The steel ones are usually higher quality and will last longer than a foundation. Foundations tend to make noises after a couple years

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was created back in the 1960s by NASA engineers, to create cushions for both spacecraft and aircraft. These engineers were looking to create pillows that were comfortable but could still offer adequate protection in the event of a crash or an accident, and they ended up creating memory foam.

Memory Foam is a type of treated polyurethane, which may not sound very comfortable, but it tends to offer superior comfort when compared to typical bedding materials. The reason for memory foam being so comfortable is because it molds and conforms directly to your body as you lie on it. This will also promote next level pressure relief and support.

The age old stigma about memory foam is that it sleeps hot. This has held true over the years with some of the biggest names in memory foam bedding because they have used a closed cell design which makes it heat activated. As a result they tend to hold heat. The good news is that many companies out there are now using open cell memory foam along with other cooling technology infused into it and/or in the cover. Real Deal Sleep is one of them, no hot beds to see here! ;-)

What does “innerspring” mean?

Innerspring just means it has coils and it is usually categorized as "traditional" because it's the most common type of mattress that most people have been sleeping on since back in the day. Yes, there are innerspring mattresses that are called hybrids: however, those are non-traditional because the memory foam or latex that's on top of the coils is even loft/flat so you're lying directly on the specialized material. The traditional innerspring beds will more than likely have a tufted surface and other types of non specialized foams and fabrics. 

What's the difference between Latex and Memory Foam?

Many people have not heard of latex mattresses before however it's not a new concept and has actually been around since the 60's. Latex is more or less the opposite of memory foam when it comes to the make up, feel and overall performance. Where memory foam is petroleum based, Latex is made with natural Rubber sap from the rubber tree. As a result, hight quality latex mattresses will tend to last 2-3x's as long as memory foam and innerspring beds, up to 20 years or more. Learn more here.

What are your hours?

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm PST

We are a TRUE FAMILY business so Sunday Funday we are closed! (smiley face)

What are the measurements on all mattress sizes?

Mattresses come in 7 standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king. They come in the following dimensions:

• Twin: 38” x 74”
• Twin XL: 38” x 80”
• Full: 54” x 74”
• Full XL: 54” x 80”
• Queen: 60” x 80”
• King: 76” x 80”

We carry all of these mattress sizes in our inventory.

Why should we do business with you?

Because you will never meet a more passionate group of individuals who’s main mission in life is to help you go to the next level via Sleep! Bottom line; unlike all the other mattress stores out there, we put YOU and your SLEEP needs BEFORE the sale!

Eastern King 14" King Koil Eve ultra plush pillowtop Floor model

Was 4,999
Now 1950

Queen 14" Jacklin hybrid mattress Floor Model

Was 2497
Now 950

Queen 11" Wellsville Latex hybrid Floor mode

Was 2,499
Now 950