Relax Medium Firm



“In A Class All Its Own”

There are two "main ingredients" you need in a good mattress in order to get a great night's sleep and ultimately, maximize the repair process of the human body: pressure relief and support. 

We're here to tell you, there is no mattress type or technology in the industry that will deliver more consistently on those two crucial components than a high quality ALL Latex Mattress. At Real Deal Sleep we're famous for giving our customers THE BEST options in each technology, and that's especially true with our Natural Latex Line from Posh and Lavish. From top to bottom, they are the highest rated latex mattress in the entire industry, bar none! Are there cheaper latex beds out there? Of course, but they're just that—cheaper made translates to cheaper quality. So, don't be fooled by all the fancy buzz words that other companies use to make you think otherwise. 

Not only is our Posh and Lavish Latex the most pressure relieving and supportive mattress you'll ever experience, but they're also the longest lasting and extremely comfortable, checking all the boxes when it comes to taking your sleep to the optimum level. We've very aptly dubbed them "The Game Changers"!

A true testament to their quality and overall performance is that the owner himself and his entire family sleep on one (even his kids!). Welcome to the Real Deal of Latex!  

Medium-Firm All Latex Mattress

Wool and Cotton Fire Retardant Layer
602 Gram Weight Tencel-Faced Fabric
OekoTex Certified Latex, Fabric, Cotton
20-year Warranty

9" Height 

Mattress Feel


Financing & Payment Options

If you live in SD:
All Posh and Lavish models are custom made and ETA is 7-14 business days from the time of order. Once it arrives, you have the option to pick it up for free or use our white glove delivery service which is $89 for T-Q and $99 for K/CK. (add $100 if adjustable base is included)

Outside of SD
Free drop shipping right to your door step in a box within 2- 4 weeks from the time of order and on regular priced models only.  
Same ETA applies to all accessories, High rise frames and adjustable bases. 
Box springs are not available for nationwide shipping, only in SD.