Mattress Protectors

Protecting your mattress (and yourself) with a Mattress Protector is an absolutely must! Once you use a good Mattress Protector, you will never not use one again, I assure you. Wash them whenever you wash your sheets so it's like sleeping on a perfectly new and sterilized sleeping surface every time. Ahhhh…
Keep your family’s beds in great shape by placing one under the fitted sheet or pillowcase from Real Deal Sleep.
Waterproof & stain resistant
Accidents happen. Mattress protectors keep sleeping surfaces clean and dry by guarding against stains and water damage. That reduces the chance for mold to develop. These are great for kids’ rooms, guest rooms and dorms.
If you have allergies, try one of our pillow and mattress protectors. A tightly woven fabric treatment acts as a barrier between you, allergens and microscopic dust mites. That can help with some allergies, breathing issues and, hopefully, give you a more restful night’s sleep.
Bedbug prevention
Help protect your family’s sleeping surfaces from bedbugs and dust mites with mattress, box spring and pillow protectors. A unique fabric treatment helps shield against bedbugs. These protectors also safeguard against dirt, stains, water damage, wear and tear.