memory foamMany people have not heard of latex mattresses before however it's not a new concept and has actually been around since the 1960's. Once memory foam came around back in the day and was cheaper to make though, Latex kind of took a back seat so that's why it's not as well known. Now that the whole "natural thing" is becoming more and more popular, latex is becoming way more prevalent in our market place and is one of THE "go to" materials in a bed when it comes to getting great sleep these days.  

Latex is more or less the opposite of memory foam when it comes to the make up, feel and overall performance.  

latex mattress
Where memory foam is petroleum based, Latex is made with natural Rubber sap from the rubber tree. As a result, hight quality latex mattresses will tend to last 2-3x's as long as memory foam and innerspring beds, up to 20 years or more.
Memory foam has a very slow sinking response and Latex has a fast response and gives you the sensation of floating in mid air or being buoyant in water.  To sum that up, you lie IN memory foam and you lie ON latex. 

Latex is quite the anomaly as you get both amazing pressure relief AND bottomless support, all in one. With memory foam, it tends to bottom out on the firmer base layer (High density foam or Coils) so you will not experience as much pressure relief as you do on latex. That said, our memory foam beds are some of the best performing in history with our clients. 

memory foam bed

In order for you to have a chance at hitting the deepest sleep possible, all of your muscles need to stop firing. You need 100% pressure relief in order to make that happen and once you allow your muscles to relax then your body AND mind can relax. Latex allows this to happen more than any other material. Keep in mind we have 640 muscles in our bodies and only 206 bones so selecting a mattress that is good for your muscles will also be good for your spine. Your muscles can actually pull your spine out of alignment if not fully relaxed. 

Also, Insomnia often comes from the inability of your muscles to relax as it's impossible to hit the deeper stages of sleep until they do. 

The bottom line here is that it comes down to preference between the two materials as they are both GREAT for the human body and promote next level sleep. You'll know right away which one you like better once you lie on both of the technologies side by side so we recommend finding a dealer that offers both so you can make the most informed decision and the one that's right for YOU. 


latex bed


October 16, 2019 — Real Deal