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Vita Gel Pillow - Infused with Soy Oil

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The natural oils used in each pillow are an important part of the foam’s chemistry. Inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds us these pillows are made up of formulas that took years to develop. We’ve been able to create specialty pillows with high breathability and luxury feels.

Fall into a deep sleep with the double-sided Vita Gel pillow features our Vitality on one side and Ice Gel on the other. This specialty foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam. The instant response foam is soft to the touch and offers a cloud-like feel. The breathable cover and ventilation channels work together to draw heat and moisture away from the body for a cool and comfortable sleep. Let this pillow surround you with comfort so you can wake up energized and ready for your day.

Vita Gel Pillow
  • Dual comfort soy foam and breathable gel pillow
  • Water expanded foamed Gel
  • Cool & Cozy pillow cover-Dual sided for cool and cozier sleep
  • Ultra-Plush feel
  • Foam Made in Italy, Cover made in Canada
  • Foam quality certified

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