Level 3.0

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Level up the way you sleep. Our Level Performance Pillow features a unique Cuddle Curve shape and weightless feel that will cradle your head, neck and shoulders perfectly in every sleep position. Our patented Air-X® air flow technology and moisture-wicking fabric on the outside of this pillow will keep you cool and dry throughout the night, ensuring a deep, restorative sleep. This series also features a removable, washable cover for easy care and cleaning.

If you liked the Fusion Series Pillow, you’ll love the Level Series Pillow in four fit-to-you options for back support and neck support. Or, step up to the Solar Series Pillow for allover cool-to the-touch comfort.

The Build

    Proprietary tri-level weave wicks away heat and moisture to keep you dry.
    Softer breathable foam adapts to you without sinking or losing shape.
    Patented three-dimensional material vents warm air away from your body.


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