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Aqua Gel Pillow - Infused with Mallow Flower Oil

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Transform your sleep into a nightly wellness ritual. The Aqua Gel water expanded foamed gel is infused with anti-inflammatory mallow flower essential oil. The open cell structure and ventilation holes provide air flow throughout the pillow, keeping you cool and dry all night.

The cool and cozy cover is made with special fibers, which feel cool to the touch on one side and cozy on the other.

The Aqua Gel pillow is plush and quick responding foam which relieves pressure points while supporting your head and neck.

Aqua Gel Pillow

  • Water expanded foamed Gel
  • 3000 times more breathable than traditional memory foam
  • Infused with Mallow flower oil
  • Cool & Cozy pillow cover- Dual sided for cool and cozier sleep
  • Ultra-Plush feel
  • Foam Made in Italy, Cover made in Canada
  • Foam is Oeko-Tex Certified

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