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Jax Memory Foam 10-inch

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A high quality top layer of memory foam gently contours to your body's curves for exceptional pressure point relief while a gel swirl treatment provides a temperature neutral environment. 2.5" of Gel Swirl Foam on top of 7.5" of high-density base foam. 

Here's the Deal
The Jax 10" is the most popular of our intro memory foam line and that's because it's a perfect medium firmness, very comfortable and more designed for adults and couples than the Jax 6 and 8. This is the one that's most similar to the million or so online bed in a box companies saying "the only mattress they carry is the best thing ever and one size fits all." The difference is, ours is more comfortable, has higher quality foams AND is about $200-$500 less. Oh, and we would never tell you "one size fits all" which is why we give you choices and then educate you on the benefits for each one so YOU can make an informed decision, the right one.

On this note, if you've never slept on memory foam before then know it will take some time to get used to. If you're looking for a mattress around the same price range that will feel more traditional, making it easier for your body to adjust then you'll want to go with our Jocelyn Medium Hybrid

If you're willing and able to go up in your budget to get a higher quality mattress that is the best performing in history with our beds in a box when it comes to comfort, pressure relief, support, and great for couples then go straight to our Jacklin and make it so! 

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