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Real Deal Mattress is very proud to be family owned, Veteran operated and San Diego’s most trusted and recommended sleep center.  The most common question we hear on a regular basis is, what makes us different from all the other mattress stores in the area and online?? Our answer is very simple, every aspect of our business is different from “all the other stores”.


This is the most important area to analyze when researching and deciding which mattress company to purchase from.  Whether it’s in person or via words on a website, every business is going to tell you how great they are.  So then who do you believe??  It’s simple, take a look at what their customers are saying. BUT, be careful because many of these online companies are paying for the very sites that are giving them great reviews. The fact is, the most trusted and respected online, non-biased website that gives REAL customers a platform to share their shopping experiences with local businesses is Yelp.Com.  Yes of course, we too are going to brag about our beloved family business however the difference between us and everybody else is that we have hundreds of customers backing our word and saying the same thing.  Many of which are flat out professing their love for our family and practically writing novels about how much they love doing business with us and will continue to do so for years to come. Something we couldn’t be more proud of.  Since the day this company was started out of a garage over 13 years ago, our number one goal and priority has been to offer the best product at the best prices and most importantly to provide the most outstanding VIP customer service anybody has ever seen.  We are VERY proud to say that we were Yelp’s first mattress company to reach 100 five star reviews, we were then the first to reach 200, the first to reach 300, and as of 2016 we are the first ever in the entire country, not just San Diego, to reach over 400 reviews with that same 5 star ranking!!! Including filtered reviews, we have nearly 800 five star reviews!!! Wow!!! How in the world did we achieve this unparalleled, never done before, stellar reputation?? By taking care of our customers whole heartedly and by doing things completely different than all the other mattress companies out there in every aspect of the business. Combine the following areas below with this reputation and you have the most trusted and recommended sleep center in San Diego.


What good is great customer service if you don’t have great product right??  It would be impossible to achieve the reputation we have with one and not the other I assure you. The owner has hand selected every single mattress in our showroom and has made sure that we have the highest rated by our customers in each category. NOT the most heavily advertised on TV as almost every other company does.  We have mattresses for everyone at every price point ranging from as low as $200 with over 10 available for under $1,000. Most only have a couple if any.   We also have the most prestigious mattresses ever made which you will not see at any other store in San Diego.  On this note, we have the most pure and cleanest memory foam on the market which is green guard gold certified, we have the largest natural latex bed selection and we are very proud to be the ONLY mattress store in San Diego to offer a Certified Organic Latex mattress by Organic Mattress, Inc. The purest mattress in the world, guaranteed!!

We have also worked with over 8 manufacturers of adjustable bases and have narrowed it down to the best 3 after 7 years of beta testing with our customers. Finally, we offer next level accessories like mattress protectors, sheets and pillows from the nation’s leading high performance bedding manufacturer, Bedgear!! Bottom line, we don’t flood our store with a million manufacturers, only the best ones in each category that back up their product just as passionately as we back up our customers.


As soon as you walk through the doors of our gorgeous showroom you will be face to face with an amazing 200 gallon salt water aquarium with custom LED lighting and beautiful live coral throughout. The whole Finding Nemo cast is represented so the kids are sure to enjoy watching them in action. You will hear a very tranquil flow of water emitting from over 10 modern water features and see over a dozen High Def LED flat screen Tv’s, two of which in our kids area for the little ones to watch while the parents shop in peace. We have a small lounge area where we offer complimentary tea, coffee and ice cold spring water as well as a large variety of candy in bowls placed throughout the showroom.  And if all this wasn’t enough, to make sure you’re completely comfortable during your visit, we’ve installed custom lighting which is very easy on the eyes as opposed to the very bright obnoxious fluorescent lights you’ll find in traditional stores. Combine all of this with nice cold air conditioning and you have the most beautiful and comfortable Zen-Like mattress showroom anyone has ever seen before.


You will never meet a more passionate and positive group of individuals who absolutely love what they do more than the Real Deal staff and owner who is almost always on site. We have a non commissioned sales team which is unheard of in our industry. This has created a NO pressure shopping environment second to none so you won’t be stalked at Real Deal. 😉



As we said, we have a non commissioned sales team which results in a zero pressure atmosphere.  Unlike any other mattress store, we will start by asking you your budget when you first come in. We do this because we want to make sure we show you mattresses within your price range so as to help you maximize that budget and feel completely comfortable and excited about your purchase.  In order to get a proper feel for a mattress you need proper head and neck support so the next thing we will do is custom fit you with one of our next level pillows based on how you sleep and we will give you your own sanitary napkin for it as well. We will then ask you a variety of questions to determine the mattress we start you on which will give us a gauge and help dictate which one we take you to next.  This approach has proven to make the mattress buying experience FAR less confusing and overwhelming. In fact, in most cases, we only have show our customers 4 or 5 total mattresses out of over 50 on display in order to find the perfect one for them.  Even if you don’t end up buying one from us, you can be rest assured that you will receive a thorough education while you’re at our store.


At the end of the day, with all of the above said, we always encourage you to shop around. Just make sure you come visit us before you make your final buying decision and if someone out there claims they have the exact same mattress for less, be sure to give us a shot to compete. If you do end up doing business with another company and our education has helped you find the perfect mattress then this is a win for us as well. After all, if you’re happy we’re happy.  Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to meeting and serving you.

-The Real Deal Team